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GSK’s road to clinical trial transparency

GSK’s road to increasing clinical trial transparency is laid out in a document released by EFPIA today. This “road map” can be found here.

Researchers can submit proposals and request anonymised data from clinical studies listed on
GSk’s clinical trial platform. Since March 2015, the Wellcome Trust has taken responsibility for
managing the review of research proposals and operation of the panel.

In total, 119 requests for access to patient level data were made between May 2013 and March 2015. The majority were approved and six were rejected or advised by the Independent Review Panel.

“Increasing transparency is a critical area we’ve been pursuing at GSK for a decade,” Robert
Frost, Policy Director, Medical Policy at the office of GSK’s Chief Medical Officer. “The
system we launched enabling researchers to request access to data was intended as a first step toward a broad, independent system that brings together data from across the research



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