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2018 World Science Day for Peace and Development: Science, a Human Right


“Science, a Human Right” was the theme for Saturday’s World Science Day for Peace and Development, an annual event that has been organised by UNESCO since 2001. The theme celebrated the 70th anniversary of the 1948 UN Declaration of Human Rights, which states that everyone has the right to participate in, and benefit from science, as well as the 2017 UNESCO Recommendation on Science and Scientific Researchers, which highlights the importance of open access to scientific research data and the need to provide institutional and funding support to scientists.

UNESCO hopes that this year’s event will prompt further, open discussion about improving access to science for all, and how science can benefit sustainable development across the globe. A round-table event was held on Friday 9th November at UNESCO HQ in Paris to discuss the rights of everyone to access, participate in and benefit from scientific advancements and the applications of science. The round-table was split into two sessions focussing on the Human Right to science and Open science. Events also took place worldwide.

Find out more about the day by listening to this statement from the UNESCO Special Envoy for Science for Peace and by joining the conversation online using #ScienceDay and #RightToScience.


Summary by Philippa Flemming PhD, CMPP from Aspire Scientific


With thanks to our sponsors, Aspire Scientific Ltd and NetworkPharma Ltd

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