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Publication planning: promoting an ethics of transparency and integrity in biomedical research

Publication planning represents a growing professional approach to guaranteeing transparency and integrity while bringing the results of medical research to those who benefit from it as well as those who apply it. A perspective piece on publication planning has been published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice this week, entitled: “Publication planning: promoting an ethics of transparency and integrity in biomedical research”

The article argues for a more robust approach to the dissemination and communication of medical research results to the scientific community and the public in an accurate, complete, and timely manner. Based on a collaborative professional statement following review of the indexed medical literature and relevant professional society guidelines, the article encourages the further development of well-organised publication plans ensuring that research results are communicated clearly to the scientific community, medical practitioners, patients, and the general public.

The authors conclude: “Publication planning remains a young discipline within the wide field of biomedical research. It should be recognised and valued, specifically through its contributions to transparency and integrity … The increasing tendency of government agencies and corporate integrity agreements to mandate publication planning encourages this positive development for promoting more rigorous and trusted science and medicine in all settings: academic, governmental and corporate.”.

Table 1 from the manuscript is shown below, and provides information on what should be included in a publication plan.



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