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The latest Good Publication Practice guidelines for industry (GPP-3) are now published


Good Publication Practice 3 (GPP3), a key guidance document for the publication of company-sponsored medical research, has been published online today by the Annals of Internal Medicine.

The full article can be accessed here:

The International Society for Medical Publication Professionals has also set up a page dedicated to the guidelines, which can be found here: Currently, this includes a presentation relating to the guidelines, a press release, and an opportunity to email the GPP-3 steering committee with questions. The site will also be updated in the near future with a checklist, translations, and frequently asked questions.

The concluding paragraph of the abstract of the article states: “The resulting guideline includes new sections (Principles of Good Publication Practice for Company-Sponsored Medical Research, Data Sharing, Studies That Should Be Published, and Plagiarism), expands guidance on the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors’ authorship criteria and common authorship issues, improves clarity on appropriate author payment and reimbursement, and expands information on the role of medical writers. By following good publication practices (including GPP3), individuals and organizations will show integrity, accountability, and responsibility for accurate, complete, and transparent reporting in their publications and presentations.”.

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