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One-day training course: systematic reviews and meta-analysis in action

A one day training course is being run by the National Clinical Guideline Centre in the UK that will give participants the basic skills to enable them to design and perform a systematic review of a randomised controlled trials of interventions.

This workshop is suitable for those who are new to systematic reviews and meta-analysis or require a refresher session. Some knowledge of basic literature searching and research methods is required.

Content: The short course will cover the following topics:

  • question formulation
  • determining the protocol and eligibility criteria
  • searching the literature
  • assessing quality
  • data extraction
  • statistical analyses and synthesis
  • reporting a systematic review
  • systematic reviews and change in clinical practice – an overview of the NICE process.

Aims: By the end of the course, attendees should:

  • be able to develop a focused question
  • have developed basic skills in searching and identifying the evidence to answer a specific question
  • be able to assess the quality and validity of the identified evidence
  • be able to present the results to meet the needs of clinicians, other healthcare professionals and researchers.

Cost: £300

For further details, see here.

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