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Fixing flaws in science must be professionalised

In a recent article in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, Ben Goldacre discusses the importance and need for improving the availability/publication of clinical trial data – particularly from the perspective of addressing the issue of publication bias. A blog about the article (which is behind a paywall), can be found here.

Ben Goldacre concludes: “Fixing structural flaws in science is labour intensive. It requires extensive lobbying of policy makers and professional bodies; close analysis of evidence on flaws and opportunities; engaging the public to exert pressure back on professionals; creating digital infrastructure to support transparency; open, public audit of best and worst practice; and more. If we do not regard this as legitimate professional activity – worthy of grants, salaries, and foreground attention from a reasonable number of trained scientists and medics – then it will not happen. The public, and the patients of the future, may not judge our inaction kindly.”.

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