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[VIDEO] Extending the reach of medical publications

In the first of this series of 3 videos, ‘What’s to discuss?, Jon Lynne-Davies (TrendMD), Ana Bozas (Akcea Therapeutics) and Jamie Weiss (LEO Pharma) discuss how to ensure that medical communications reach the intended audience.

In the second video, ‘Lessons learnt from real life case histories’, Caroline Halford (Springer Healthcare), Hamish McDougall (SAGE Publishing), Kelly Soldavin (Taylor and Francis) and Joanne Walker (Future Science Group) describe how digital enhancements such as videos, podcasts, plain language summaries, infographics and microsites can extend the reach of publications.

In the third video, ‘Working on digital enhancements in practice’, Patricia Fonseca (medical writer and publications planner), Sarah Feeny and Kelly Schrank (both freelance specialists) reflect on their own experiences of using digital elements in medical publications.

Recorded 7 April, 22 April and 26 May 2021, as MedComms Networking webinars. Produced by


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