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New good practice guidance for conference abstracts and presentations

guidance for conference abstracts and presentations

A group of experts from the medical communications and pharmaceutical industries has put together new guidance for the development of conference materials: Good Practice for Conference Abstracts and Presentations (GP-CAP). Currently available as a preprint via Peer J, the authors welcome comments on their proposals, ahead of journal submission.

After identifying a current lack of clear guidance on the development of industry-sponsored conference materials, the authors set out to provide comprehensive recommendations that extend the principles of the Good Publication Practice (GPP3) guidelines and promote a consistent and transparent approach. Covering abstracts, posters, slides and oral presentations, the recommendations provide guidance for conference organisers, as well as those involved in developing materials. The recommendations and good practice principles cover a whole host of issues, from authorship, to transparency, to linking and tracking abstracts and posters with clinical trials and subsequent publications.

The authors hope to gain feedback within the next month, so don’t delay — join the conversation!


Summary by Hannah Mace, MPharmacol from Aspire Scientific

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