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The road to successful data sharing

A recent blog from Nature highlights some of the current issues facing successful clinical-trial data sharing, including resource shortages, insufficient government regulation and incompatible reporting.

Vivli, a new data sharing platform, looks set to counter some of these problems by “linking existing data-sharing platforms and communities, while hosting data from investigators who aspire to share data but lack the resources to do so.” The platform, sponsored by the Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Centre of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard University, USA will offer a global, neutral platform to securely host data that has been converted into a standard, anonymised format, with search and data-request services.

However, the authors argue that the success of Vivli will rely on access to clinical data in order to establish a comprehensive database, and it is apparent that many trials are still not reported. A recent grant awarded to Bioethics International is set to enable further assessment of trial-data publication. It is hoped that illustrating the extent of data transparency and disclosure will inspire regulators to create stronger incentives for complete data sharing.



Summary by Louise Niven, DPhil from Aspire Scientific.

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