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Why it’s time for the new Good publication Practice Guidelines (GPP3)

In a blog for Wiley this week, Liz Wager (a freelance publications consultant, provides her views on the importance of the new Good Publication Practice guidelines (GPP3). Liz was an author of these guidelines, and was integrally involved with the development of previous versions.

In the blog, Liz provides insights into what’s new in GPP3, and also how GPP3 was developed.

In terms of what’s new in the new guidelines, Liz states: “The biggest change is that we have introduced a set of principles. One problem with revising guidelines is that they tend to get longer rather than shorter with each update, and there’s a danger of losing sight of the original core concepts in the verbiage or ending up with a document that is too long or detailed for some users. It is also impossible to “future-proof” any guideline and predict all the new situations that may arise before it’s time for another update. We therefore felt it would be helpful to add some guiding principles which we imagine won’t change radically over time, which should serve as a useful introduction to GPP, and might help respond to future challenges.”.

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